Stop A Crime * Report A Fire * Save A Life
For Emergencies Dial 9 1 1

What To Know When Dialing 911 For Emergency Help

1. Your address and location. This will be the first questioned asked in a long serious of questions including the phone number you are calling from and what happened.
2. Do not hang up until instructed to do by the dispatcher. A couple of minutes seems like hours when you are involved in an emergency situation. Remember the dispatcher needs the correct information to send the correct help.
3. The person you are speaking with on the phone is not the person that will be responding to the location of the emergency. As soon as the dispatcher obtains the address/location, call back number, and problem. They are sending help to you.

Know When To Call

Did you know?

Call 911: 

  • When anyone's life or personal property are in immediate danger 
  • To report a fire in a home, commercial building, vehicle, or trash receptacle
  • When any person is experiencing a medical emergency

Do NOT Call 911: 

  • To find our more information about a particular emergency situation going on near you
  • You need directions
  • You need directory assistance
  • To report a utility outage in your area


Cell phone that are not active with a cell carrier still have the ability to dial 911

Remeber this when allowing your children to play with your old cell phones.

In Missouri the 911 charge on your cell phone bill isn't paid to 911 centers in Missouri.

Visit for more information on why 48 other states receive money from cell phones while Missouri doesn't.